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Bracelet 'Inukshuk' -  handmade aluminum jewelry  | JR. Franco | BR-10C

Bracelet 'Inukshuk' - handmade aluminum jewelry | JR. Franco BR-10C


* * Lightweight, Hypoallergenic, and Easy care are our promises to you. * *


BR-10C made with anodized aluminum. 

Weight: 14 g

Dimensions: 16 cm (circumference) x 3.80 cm (width)


Collection: Canadian Heritage - Inukshuk

Inushuk or Inusuk, is a mandmade stone landmark, originated from the indigenous people of Canada. Due to the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games, it became more recognized as a symbol of Canadian culture, and has been widely used in artistic creations.


Production process:

1. Design with drawing on paper, then transform the designs onto a software on desktop computer.

2. Utilize a CNC machine to cut out the design with the aid of the software.

3. With the cut-outs, assemble and polish the final pieces into perfection.

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